I-49 backers praise House measure

The completion of Interstate 49 in western Arkansas will be vital to creating economic prosperity, according to an Arkansas resolution delivered to federal officials.


The state House of Representatives passed House Resolution 1018 on Feb. 17. The measure sponsored by state Rep. John Maddox, R-Mena, encourages the expansion of the I-49 north south corridor, which it says will improve accessibility and improve the economy for communities along the interstate.


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NWA planners to apply for federal grant to complete I-49 AR/MO gap

The NWA Regional Planning Commission intends to apply for $32.4 million from the $1.5 billion Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) program to finish I-49 at the Arkansas-Missouri border.

Connectivity focus in Alma

The city of Alma, Arkansas has chosen to rebrand itself as the "Crossroads of America" in anticipation of I-49 intersecting I-40 on its doorstep - Times Record

Completion of I-49

Polk County Pulse article on the importance of completion of I-49 through western Arkansas.

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